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What is the price of a container house?

The prices are included in a brochure of each product. Please pay attention to the fact that the containers that we offer come in different finishing standards that affect the final price.

What are the financing options?

Our container houses can be leased or credited. The offer is based on financial assessment of a customer carried by a financial institution.

What is the execution time?

The execution time of a House container is 30 days from signing the contract to full assembly.

Can I see a container before the purchase?

There is a possibility of viewing the container on our sites all over Poland. In order to arrange such viewing please contact our Sales Office.

Can I choose a colour of the container?

House containers are normally sold in sand colour (RAL1019). However, if you would like to change the colour of the container – into one of the colours from RAL palette – there is such possibility upon additional payment.

What are characteristic features of a House container?

All year round, quick to assemble (only 30 days!) and mobile. Easy to sell-on.

What are the terms and conditions of the guarantee?

The terms and conditions of the guarantee are specified in the contract.

Is the building permission required?

In case of buildings of size up to 35m2, in most of the municipalities, notification sent to a relevant council is all that is required – it depends on local conditions and legal situation of the place where a container is going to be placed.

Who are we?

Nearly 30 years of experience allows us to call ourselves experts in the containers industry. We sell and rent containers for purposes of many different industries. Would you like to find out more about our products? Please visit our website www.ecocontainers.com


Is the container all year round?

Yes. All of our containers are all year round. They are insulated (floor, walls, ceiling) and equipped in radiators with thermostat. During most of the year, air conditioning is enough to heat up the container, it is also far more effective and economic.

How is the container heated?

With the outside temperatures of minimum 0⁰C the container house is heated by hot air pump (air conditioning). When the temperature drops below 0⁰C the radiators that are installed in every room need to be switched on.

In case when air conditioning was not installed, the container house is heated solely by the radiators installed in each room.

How is the container insulated? Is there any possibility to additionally insulate the floor?

100mm mineral wool is used to insulate the walls and the ceiling. The floor in the bathroom is insulated with 30mm polystyrene, and 30mm floor polystyrene is used in the living room and bedroom.

Additionally, there is a simple way to insulate the floor from the outside with 150mm polystyrene during unloading by the customer.

What are the monthly maintenance costs?

The heating cost, electricity and water bills depend on the individual use.

Do you have experience at modifying containers?

We have several years of experience in modifying sea containers of all types according to the plan presented by a customer. Within the framework of the container modifications, we install additional mechanisms that ensure safety during transportation or storage of the product.

In response to our customers’ needs, we specialise at providing safe electrical installations. We install lamps, place power sockets and connections – all in order to provide maximum comfort of use of the modified container.

We are the only ones who undertake advanced modifications of sea and storage containers. The containers that are passed into our hands are changed by us into mobile offices, social spaces and even flats! The installation of doors, windows or additional flaps is not a problem for us.

We encourage you to use our broad knowledge and several years of experience in containers modification industry. We guarantee execution of the project in our top equipped workshop by qualified technicians. Please contact us to speak in detail about our cooperation.

How old are the containers?

The renewed containers – that are the basis for our Houses – are mostly used for few to several years by sea carriers. They are fully efficient, leak proof, water proof, with floor free of any holes. There is also a possibility of buying a House that is built using a new container – however it comes at additional cost.


Do we deliver and unload the container?

The transportation and unloading of the container is on the customer’s side. However, we are willing to support organisation of the transport. If you decide to purchase a container in Premium standard, the transport cost in range of 200km of Tricity is on us.

How to prepare for the reception of a container?

Remember that the delivery cars are long and heavy. Please ensure that the surface of the road is appropriate for such vehicle. Most of the containers are moved by cranes and it is necessary to ensure there is enough space for the container, crane and the vehicle.

How to prepare the surface?

The weight of the House container ranges between 7,5 to 11 tons. The differences in range depend on the finishing standard – tiles, flooring and wall fittings are an extra load.

Every container needs to be placed on 6 fulcrums. Depending on the load capacity of the ground they can be concrete blocks, jumbo bricks or concrete road slabs. In over 90% concrete blocks are more than enough, their price is below few zlotys per one.

When buying our container house you will receive a detailed instruction of how to place the container. In case you have any questions we are always happy to help!

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