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Leaders on the containers market in Poland

Professionalism, dedication to our business, knowledge and experience – thanks to those values, that we have been acquiring for over 25 years while being part of the Balticon group, we have gained the leader position on the containers market in Poland. At EcoContainers we perfectly know the advantages of sea containers, their versatility, as well as durability of their steel constructions. Therefore, we decided to use all these features and give them a new lease of life and offer you a brand new product.

Space adapted to your needs

Today not only do we sell and rent containers, but also renovate them and modify their interior by changing empty loading space into offices, gastronomic points, cafes, and even cosy flats. Our experience enables us to create new uses for containers that become answer to the needs of many branches of the business. They are environmentally friendly and their assembly and disassembly is quick and easy.

Our values

By putting economy, flexibility and ecology first, we deliver high quality containers to our customers, that suit different types of businesses: from retail, through services to warehousing and cold stores, ending on office space or comfortable place to sleep. We also offer a full service of purchase order, adapt the interior according to your plan and deliver the final product to any address in Poland and Europe.

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